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Rhinoplasty also called a nose job, is one of the most popular surgeries one can know about. This operation is the end of a process with which we intend to create the most suitable nose for each face. Our goal is to maintain a harmonious line that allows for enhancing individual beauty. Both men and women, the ultimate goal is to obtain a natural result while maintaining personal traits.

The images of the different nose operations before and after photos show the results of the cosmetic surgery of the nose before and after the original nose or the result of a first operation when it comes to secondary rhinoplasty. In the comparison between images it can be seen how the main problems of the nose are solved: deviated nasal septum, reduction of the nasal torso or tip of the nose not pronounced, problems that can be aggravated with the retraction of divergent wings and wings and, that They represent aesthetic concerns and respiratory difficulties that must be corrected.

Treat The Nasal Dorsum

The nose, in general terms, is formed by the nasal dorsum and the tip. So modifying the back without counting on the tip can lead to a resulting disproportion. The plastic surgeon will carry out a complete study of your nasal structure and the set of your face, in general, to help you better understand the type of intervention required in each case.

Treat The Nasal Tip

The nasal tip can be reduced and narrowed on its horizontal axis; this will change its projection. In order for the plastic surgeon to know the expectations of the patient, there must be a fluid dialogue in the consultation; this will allow knowing the patient's opinion regarding his nose and how far he wants to go in remodeling it.

Before And After Nose Surgery: Open Rhinoplasty Or Closed Rhinoplasty

In the photos of the operated nose before and after, we can see cases of open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

An open rhinoplasty involves incisions inside the nose and transverse to the columella. A closed rhinoplasty requires incisions at the level of the nasal mucosa (inside the nose) and an incision at the level of the lower edge of the septum. The open rhinoplasty allows the skin of the nose to be detached; in it, the plastic surgeon directly observes the area in which he is working. Closed rhinoplasty is "blind" surgery.

As you can see after the results in these photos before after rhinoplasty, a plastic surgeon must master nasal surgery enough to obtain good results in both open and closed rhinoplasty, since each individual case will require a different technique that allows obtaining the agreed results.