Different Cases of Rhinoplasty in Men and Women

Correcting his broken nose and improving breathing were important goals for this young man in his rhinoplasty. He is very happy that his new nose looks good, fits his face, and maintains a strong and masculine look.

Correction Of Broken Nose And Deflected Separate

This septoplasty- like the procedure was performed to correct a broken nose and a deviated septum. Along with the correction of respiratory problems, hump reduction, and correction of a fallen tip were performed to successfully achieve some simultaneous cosmetic goals.

Harmonization Of The Nose With The Face

Some might think that this patient had undergone a previous rhinoplasty with tip collapse, but she did not. Occasionally, the shape of the tip cartilage is highly vertically oriented, causing a deep groove in the nostril. She felt this, along with her marked clumsiness at the tip, draw attention to her nose. Now, her nose is smaller, more defined, and simply blends in with the rest of her face.

Nose Reduction

The main concerns of this young woman regarding her nose were her protrusion and nasal projection along with a square-shaped tip. She wanted her nose to project a smoother look and take a less prominent role. All of these problems were treated by rhinoplasty, while the grafts helped to ensure that her airways and breathing were well supported. A rhinoplasty and its price well used!

Repair Of The Nose Tip

One of the things we love about rhinoplasty is that we can combine dramatic changes like straightening this patient’s nasal gyrus, while also creating some subtle improvements like refining and slightly repairing the tip while reducing the feeling of prominence.

Narrow Tightening And Reduction

This young woman felt that her tip was too bulbous and heavy and that she was looking for significant refinement. A combination of narrowing and shortening of the tip of the nose, along with deprojection and straightening, brought the nose into balance in harmony with its other beautiful features, creating a truly transformative change after rhinoplasty and full recovery.…